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AccraSpeed Baseball Training Aid

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Product Description

AccraSpeed Trainer - Pitch with improved power and speed, and Bat speed is key.

Improve your pitching,bat speed and timing using the AccraSpeed Trainer. Feel what a full finish should feel like and increase power incrementally.


This amazing patented single product, AccraSpeed Sports Trainer, may be used by every sports member of the family to develop and improve performance in Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Golf or any other sport that involves outward centrifugal force. Product offers four levels of training - • Warm-up • Technique /Rhythm /Tempo •  Strength/Endurance • Consistency.


Unlike radar the AccraSpeed Sports Trainer is wearable like a watch and responds to outward centrifugal force. Also unlike radar the AccraSpeed Sports Trainer supplies instant audible feed back information not just at the end of a mechanical drill (AKA) the pitch, but helps develop the pitch mechanics from start to finish. Radar supplies the end result of the pitch (AKA) ball speed. What radar does not do is supply vital information to inform the pitcher or instructor what part of the pitch did or did not develop the required energy (outward centrifugal force) that produced the end resulting ball speed. Therefore by using only radar it’s difficult at best to identify areas of the pitch that need attention to correct problems in the pitch that would improve ball speed and consistency. Universities and academies now using the AccraSpeed Sports Trainer have identified and improved areas in their pitch mechanics that resulted in both a higher percent of ball to target accuracy and ball speed.


So the questions is – are you serious enough to develop all areas of your pitch to improve your power, accuracy, consistency and ball speed or are you content to continue guessing at what you think you’re doing right and settle for half the information…only ball speed ?      


  AccraSpeed Trainer Applications for Baseball - Pitching and Hitting 

 See all videos below

 EXAMPLE – AccraSpeed Trainer used for -

change up and off speed pitch

The Accraspeed Trainer measures centrifugal force and gives the athlete an audible "chirping noise" feedback. The more centrifugal force created by an action such as the pitching arm circle the louder and longer the audible "chirp" is. The Accraspeed can then be adjusted to help determine many key components to pitching and develop consistency for: 1. Maximum arm speed 2. Max arm speed compared to arm speed of a change up or off-speed pitch....which is critical for the effectiveness of these pitches 3. Throwing for location while achieving max arm speed (simulation of game speed pitching) 4. Working on key mechanical aspects of pitching such as arm whip, internal rotation.

Here are a few YouTube videos that will introduce you to some of the applications for this great training tool. Notice it is great for both pitching and hitting.

Introduction To AccraSpeed Trainer

AccraSpeed Drills For Pitching

AccraSpeed Drills For Hitting

 Changeup Pitching 

 There has not been a changeup pitching tool that informs the pitcher of arm speed until the introduction of the AccraSpeed Trainer. It informs the pitcher immediately by audible chirp of arm speed for fastball and changeup without stopping in-between pitches. The goal is to produce the same arm speed and audible chirp for both fast and changeup pitches and the AccraSpeed Trainer is the pitch training tool that does just that. Use it to develop the mechanics of the changeup pitch and to develop muscle memory too deceive the batter. It is a coach when used between coaching lessons and team practice to develop and maintain consistent changeup pitch arm speed.

  Fastpitch Pitching 

  1. 1.      Simulate game type conditions:  Measure and compare arm speed on each different type of pitch (fastball, dropball, riseball,          curveball, screwball, etc.). Record the maximum setting on the AccraSpeed.
    1. A. Attempt to simulate game conditions by achieving X number of consecutive chirps.
    2. B. Score location accuracy while simulating these game type conditions. The pitcher must achieve a chirp to receive a               location score.
    3. C. Measure and record setting for game speed fastball/dropball.
      1. A. Attempt to achieve the same setting while throwing a changeup. The intent is to have the arm speed for both pitches     to be identical so as to not tip off the hitter.
      2. B. Whatever level of arm speed is achieved on the change up (typically will be lower than the fastball arm speed) the         pitcher must attempt to achieve that level on X number of consecutive pitches.
      3. C. The pitcher should work to get the changeup setting as close as possible to the fastball setting.
    4. D. Measure fastball pitch speed relative to maximum arm speed setting on the AccraSpeed. Note that a high arm speed may       not equate to a high ball speed. If there is a deficiency in ball speed then there are several pitching mechanical criteria         that can be focused on for improvement. Since the maximum arm speed chirp happens right as the arm enters the release       zone this narrows the list of criteria to focus on. Below are those criteria:                                                                                                            
      1. B. Internal Rotation of the forearm, wrist, and fingers.
      2. C. Finger Position on the ball (directly behind the ball is optimal for speed).
      3. D. Finger Snap or lack thereof is key to speed.
      4. E. Depth of Ball Placement in the hand.
      5. F. Number of Fingers on the ball grip (4,3, or two)
      6. G. Grip Strength is key to snapping the fingers.
      7. H. Release Point is important in the energy transfer efficiency.
      8. I.  Elbow Bend during the release action is an important criterion in energy transfer.
      9. J.  Hip Resistance is a significant key to energy transfer.
      10. K. Shoulder Rotation Resistance is a significant key to energy transfer.  
  1. 4. A low arm speed setting but high ball speed measurement would indicate good energy transfer…….so the goal for this                   pitcher is to increase the arm speed to help achieve even higher ball speeds.
  2. 5. Measure arm speeds to ball spin rates. Is there a correlation or training point that the AccraSpeed can assist with?????
  3. 6. An assumption is that very similar training advantages as listed above would apply to baseball pitching, catcher pop times,           running speed via increased arm pump speed, and others.


  1. 1. Record the maximum AccraSpeed settings from several hitting/drill positions. It is important to focus a portion of training             on “training at game speed”. Does the hitters bat speeds at their drill positions equal the live pitching speeds?
    1. A. Tee hitting
    2. B. Front toss
    3. C. Self-toss
    4. D. Live pitching
    5. 2. Achieve X number of consecutive swings achieving a chirp at the highest recorded setting.
    6. 3. The hitter should continually attempt to increase bat swing speed through improving swing mechanics and/or strength           and conditioning. i.e.
      1. A. Wrist cocking and uncocking
      2. B. Core torque/rotation exercises
      3. C. Connection
      4. D. Grip strength
      5. 4. Correlate the maximum AccraSpeed setting achieved to “Launch To Contact Time”.
        1. a. Measure LTC using a high speed camera (300 fps) when the swing speed was at the maximum achieved AccraSpeed setting.
        2. b. Improve swing mechanics then measure both LTC and bat swing speed to verify that your training drills are             helping achieve your goals.
        3. c. Identify swing mechanical flaws. Work drills to eliminate the flaws and track both LTC and AccraSpeed bat swing     speed.
        4. 5. Correlate the timing and length of the chirp to identify what/why the bat swing speed or LTC is not at the level       desired. The maximum bat speed should be achieved about 3 inches prior to contact and into contact.  Chirping       at times different then that should give an indication of what area of swing mechanics to work on. Adjusting the     settings on the AccraSpeed (usually lower the setting) may help in identifying flaws.
        5. 6. Correlate/compare the maximum setting achievable on the following pitch criteria to a fastball down the middle.     The goal should be to achieve the maximum fastball setting on each of the following.
          1. A. Inside/outside pitch
          2. B. High/low pitch
          3. C. Varying speed pitches ********extremely valuable info here.




Product Videos

Baseball Major League Coach Sam Perlozzo - demos new AccraSpeed Sports Trainer product. 05:04

Visit link -- The AccraSpeed Sports Trainer will immediately improve your performance in your chosen sport. AccraSpeed Sports Trainer teaches the rhythm and tempo required in sports by sensing axial and centripetal acceleration and related velocity. The tones emitted by AccraSpeed's highly engineered gold plated circuits provide an instant measurement of performance. AccraSpeed Sports Trainer does not require resetting or visual monitoring. This allows you to maintain rhythm, timing and tempo at different precise levels. Made of durable lightweight aluminum, it has a mounting strap that allows the AccraSpeed Sports Trainer to be worn on the wrist, hand, arm or leg by either right and left handed players. Through its 56 marked settings one may measure the slowest backswing in golf to a fastball in the major leagues. Now see and hear for yourself. The AccraSpeed Sports Trainer in action. ADVANTAGE FOR THE PITCHER • The Accra Speed Sports Trainer informs the pitcher immediately of his or her power and release zones for each and every kind of pitch thrown. Including but not limited to the ... fast ball ... curve ball ... slow change up ... and softball underhand pitching. This product covers them all. • The Accra Speed Sports Trainer does not have to be reset after each pitch and requires no visual monitoring, allowing the pitcher to maintain rhythm and timing. • Because of the high cost of radar guns not every pitcher on the team has one for their personal use. In the bullpen, each time a game is played, pitchers are always warming up pitching at unknown speeds. This product can be dialed in and tailored for each pitcher's style and ability. • Each pitcher in the bullpen will be able to warm up accurately... consistently ... and at a faster pace. Resulting in more time to pitch ... with more consistent pitches ... before called on to the field. THE ACCRA SPEED SPORTS TRAINER HELPS TO LIMIT PITCHING INJURES BY IMPROPER WARM-UP ROUTINE. ADVANTAGE FOR OUTFIELDERS • Most out fielders just throw the ball as far or as hard as they can and hope it gets to where they want it to go. With the Accra Speed Sports Trainer outfielders can train any time, anywhere to develop and improve a throw that has distance and target accuracy. ADVANTAGE FOR THE BATTER • At batting practice, the batter can tailor his bat swing speed and know before hand what the settings are on the Accra Speed Sports Trainer. He can match his swing speed and hand position for ball contact, to that of any pitch's radar speed on game day. • Develop Hand Eye Coordination - in the on deck circle, the batter swings the bat and has no idea of how fast he is swinging or more importantly how consistent his swing is. In fact that's one of the reasons, if not the reason, the bat doughnut is used... to help make the bat feel lighter and increase the bat speeds. With the Accra Speed Sports Trainer, the batter would have the edge in the on deck circle because he would be able to dial in his swing speed to match that of the pitcher's fastball, breaking ball, slow pitch or any other pitch - long before his turn to step in to the batters box. The Accra Speed Sports Trainer informs the batter immediately if his hands are late or ahead of each pitch on every swing with out losing his timing and tempo. Because he doesn't have to stop swinging to look at the product for feedback or to reset the adjustments. He just keeps on swing!

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