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ACCRASPEED Sports Trainer

Develops proper warm up, consistency, systematic velocity and technique training for softball/baseball pitch and throwing motions, swinging a bat, swinging a tennis racket, a golf club or even bowling .

With an increasing focus to address both youth and adult sports injuries due to improper warm up and training, the AccraSpeed Sports Trainer can help to avoid those improper warm up injuries while at the same time assist with proper sports training.

By using the AccraSpeed Sports Trainer one may start at warm up level and develop a smooth transition into velocity and technique training and end with a completed strength and endurance training program. The AccraSpeed Sports Trainer allows one to monitor their daily, monthly and yearly progress.

The AccraSpeed Sports Trainer is wearable like a wrist watch, does not require resetting or visual monitoring during or after each sports action and is designed to register outward centrifugal force which produces an audible chirp used in the training program, indicating the athletic sports action is being completed fully. The outer housing is made of high impact aluminum therefore is very durable for all applications, is light weight, and only 2 3/4 inches in length and can be carried easily in a pocket.

A single versatile sports training product that can be used by every sports member in the family for softball, baseball, tennis, bowling, golf or whatever their choice of sport activity.

EXAMPLE – AccraSpeed Trainer used for Softball change up and off speed pitch

The Accraspeed Trainer measures centrifugal force and gives the athlete an audible "chirping noise" feedback. The more centrifugal force created by an action such as the pitching arm circle the louder and longer the audible "chirp" is. The Accraspeed can then be adjusted to help determine many key components to pitching: 1. Maximum arm speed 2. Max arm speed compared to arm speed of a change up or off-speed pitch....which is critical for the effectiveness of these pitches 3. Throwing for location while achieving max arm speed (simulation of game speed pitching) 4. Working on key mechanical aspects of pitching such as arm whip, internal rotation, and brush interference.

Here are a few YouTube videos that will introduce you to some of the applications for this great training tool. Notice it is great for both pitching and hitting.

AccraSpeed Drills For Pitching

AccraSpeed Drills For Hitting