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  Tested and proven by well known and respected softball instructors as Jay Miller, Rick Pauly and many other university and academy instructors to Identify, develop and improve on changeup consistency, ball speed, ball accuracy to target location (AKA) the four corners of the strike zone and improve hitting and timing. All of these training drills can be done with only one training tool!

  The AccraSpeed Sports Trainer registers outward centrifugal force, simple to use with immediate feedback.

 Through the multi-adjustment settings ability of the AccraSpeed Sports Trainer, a player may start at the warm up level adjustment, which will produce an audio chirp tone feedback each time the warm up action is completed. After warming up and moving toward technique or increased speed and power training drills, the player may increase the adjustment setting to a higher challenging level. When the player produces additional energy, speed and power required for that adjustment an audible chirp tone will indicate if that level has been achieved, maintained and is consistent. If the player does not produce enough energy for that challenge level adjustment a weak or no audible chirp tone will be heard.

   Unlike radar, the AccraSpeed Sports Trainer is worn on the wrist like a watch and responds to outward centrifugal force. Also, unlike radar, the AccraSpeed Sports Trainer supplies instant audible feedback information not just at the end of a live action practice drill but helps develop the players live action mechanics from start to finish. Rhythm and tempo are not compromised or interrupted by looking down for digital input, players can focus their total attention on pitch, bat, tennis and golf practice drill mechanics.

 Radar supplies the end result of the pitch, tennis stroke, golf and bat swings (AKA) ball speed. What radar does not do is supply vital information to inform the player or instructor of what part of the pitch, stroke or swing did or did not develop the required energy (outward centrifugal force) that produced the end resulting ball speed. Therefore, by using only radar it’s difficult at best to identify areas of the pitch, stroke or swing that need attention to correct problems that would improve ball speed and consistency. Universities and academies across the country now using the AccraSpeed Sports Trainer have identified and improved areas in their players pitch, stroke and swing mechanics that now produce higher percent of ball to target accuracy, ball speed and improved hitting average.

  Often young players have a difficult time overcoming problems in their Pitching, Hitting, Tennis stroke and Golf swings. And all too often instructors, coaches and parents have a difficult time getting young players to understand instructions to correct those problems. By using the AccraSpeed Sports Trainer and the audible chirp tone produced they'll quickly learn to identify and correct problems in their live action practice mechanic drills to improve consistent - Change-up pitch deception, Ball speed, Bat hitting, Tennis strokes, Golf swings and Bowling tempo.

  Order your AccraSpeed Sports Trainer today and develop consistent ball delivery.

Endorsed for SOFTBALL – BY

  •  Jay Miller - Associate Head Softball Coach - Rutgers University, Former Head Coach - USA Softball National Team
  •  Rick and Sarah Pauly
  • Julianne Soviero – FlawlessFastpitch and the author of New Publication - UNLEASH YOUR TRUE ATHLETIC POTENTIAL available                                         now at
  • JIM YATES   Founder of All-Stars Fastpitch academy - - four academy locations in Ohio and 8 instructors.                                     All-Stars provides over 150 lessons a week to young ladies from Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia  and Kentucky. 

  Endorsed for TENNIS – BY

  • Ken DeHart –        Tennis director at Almaden Valley Athletic Club (AVAC)
  • Alex Ramirez –     President / Director of Tennis at ProTennInternational
  • Nick Monroe       Tennis Pro player - 2016  French open -  Australian Open - 1st in Grand Slam doubles results -                                                   
  •  Annie Rockwell – Tennis professional at Bally’s, Las Vegas.
  • Tamara Norris –   Founder of Steady Headz Balance Coach, USPTA Pro since 2000 and Tennis Professional Instructor                                                            Parks & Recreation, EL  Dorado Hills, Ca. 

   Endorsed for BASEBALL – BY

  •  Sam Perlozzo     Minor league infield and baserunning coordinator for the Minnesota Twins and former manager and coach at the                                         major league level, also one of Professional Baseball Instruction’s Major League Advisors, and Baseball Clinics –  Ask                                Sam
  • Kelly Paris          Retired professional baseball player who played in the Major Leagues with the St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds,                                    Baltimore Orioles, and the Chicago White Sox.

  Endorsed for GOLF –  BY 

  •  Scott Locastro   USGTF Level III Certified Golf Instructor / Professional
  • Jim Marta           33 years as head golf Professional – Cordova club – Sacramento
  • Jacob Marta       PGA Director of Instruction - Cordova club – Sacramento.

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           Rockwell  Tennis professional                            Pro Tenn‚ÄčInternational                                 Steady Headz Balance Coach

                  @ Bally’s, Las Vegas                                 Developing Champions                    Training Aid for Sports, Core, & Physical Therapy