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Product Warranty

LIMITED WARRANTY - The AccraSpeed Sports Trainer- training aid is warranted for 90 days from the date of purchase provided that it is used in the manner for which it was intended and maintained as described below. The warranty includes all defects in manufacture, materials and assembly, but not to include the wrist strap. Any misuse of this product will void the warranty. AccraSpeed company is not responsible for any accident to self, other person or property caused by misuse. The customer must return the product at their own expense (Address for returns: P.O. Box 46205 Tampa FL 33646) and AccraSpeed Company will undertake to replace or repair and return at no charge. Send email to 

MAINTENANCE- When not in use and for stowing, align the yellow line indicator with the number 4 (SLEEP MODE) on the quick number reference scale on the face of the casing. Product must not come in contact with water and must be stored in a cool clean dry place.