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Posted by John Stegmaier - 26th Sep. 2017

Stegs Fast-Pitch Academy

gold-stars-for-testimonals.gif  I have been a pitching instructor for 28 years. It is my belief that when you can measure an aspect of pitching (like velocity or revolutions) that you can get a pitcher to work on improving it. Pitchers are competitive by nature and will even compete with themselves. The Accraspeed gets pitchers to compete with themselves on the rate at which they bring their arm through. This was exactly what I was looking for. I have not seen any other device that can do this.


Posted by Jay Miller - 26 OCT. 2016

 Associate Head Softball Coach

 Rutgers University

 Former Head Coach

 USA Softball National Team

 gold-stars-for-testimonals.gif “The AccraSpeed Trainer is a must have for any coach who works with pitchers! It is an outstanding tool that provides instant feedback and great training for your pitchers. No matter what level you are coaching, the AccraSpeed Trainer will help your pitchers improve their velocity and deception.”


 My name is Rick Pauly an NCAA Division I pitching coach and a coach in the  2015/2016 USA National Team Coaching Pool.  I have been involved in helping develop the drills and training methods relative to softball pitching and hitting for the AccraSpeed Trainer product.  I have had great success with this training tool and my student acceptance of this tool and training method are always highly positive. In my instructional lessons I always prefer minimal verbal rambling by the coach…..the audible chirp of the AccraSpeed does all the talking for me. It is like a coach only without all the continual verbal interference.

 gold-stars-for-testimonals.gif  In my specialty of pitching, the AccraSpeed is invaluable for the feedback it gives when learning how to create deception on a Change-Up pitch or when trying to throw to a location while maintaining your game energy/ball speed. The applications for this product are endless for any athletic movement that creates rotational forces.

 Rick Pauly,   

 Change up on you-tube  



Posted by Jimmy Yates – on 13 May 2015

 Founder and owner –

All-Stars Advantage Fastpitch academy – four locations (180 student attendance in weekly classes) – Columbus, Ohio

 gold-stars-for-testimonals.gif  In my 28+ years of being involved with fastpitch softball as either a pitcher or instructor, the AccraSpeed is perhaps the only product I have found that allows a pitcher to easily pinpoint major pitching faults. Due to the chaotic nature of a full speed pitching motion, what a student often feels may not be what is real in his/her delivery. This can cause frustration and disagreements between students and parents and/or instructors. By audible chirp, AccraSpeed provides instant, undeniable, and usable feedback which puts everyone on the same page and in the end forms better relationships between students, parents and instructors. It reinforces arm relaxation and the sequential unlocking of the shoulder, elbow, and wrist, which is a must for good arm whip and to achieve the AccraSpeed chirp. That feedback allows pitchers and instructors to easily pin point specifics in a full speed motion that cannot otherwise be detected.


The AccraSpeed not only helps with the mechanical details, but it also touches on some of the mental aspects as well. Trying to get that chirp on every pitch makes for a more physical and intense work out. But as a bonus, students' focus, intensity, and attention to detail also seem to increase dramatically. The students love the AccraSpeed right out of the box. Not only does it take them to a new level but it provides somewhat of a friendly competition between themselves and the AccraSpeed. The question becomes who will win - the chirp or the silence…


  Posted  by Jolene Volek on 29th Jan 2015

  gold-stars-for-testimonals.gif  My experience with the AccraSpeed has been nothing but positive. I received my order for ten AccraSpeed Trainers quickly which allowed me to begin using them with my softball team early in the offseason. The AccraSpeed has helped my girls improve their bat speed, pitching speed for various pitches, and even has increased how hard they throw overhand. This item makes the athletes highly aware of how hard they are actually swinging and/or pitching. It works very well in making athletes push themselves when they are getting tired. The AccraSpeed gives back automatic feedback which is great when a coach cannot watch all of their athletes at one time.

 Jolene Volek

 Varsity Head Softball Coach

 East View High School

 Georgetown, Texas


Posted by Julianne Soviero on 15th Jan 2015

 Julianne Soviero – FlawlessFastpitch and the author of New Publication - UNLEASH YOUR TRUE ATHLETIC POTENTIAL available now at

Lots of possibilities gold-stars-for-testimonals.gif

 The possibilities for this product go beyond simply improving performance. If used properly, it can help with accuracy and injury prevention. I am already seeing improvement in my pitchers and am still learning how to use it. It is the only tool out there that can help me teach my athletes to avoid tensing up as they complete the pitch. 

Pete is incredible. He is passionate about his product and willing to answer any questions you might have about the product. He will give you specific suggestions based on the needs of your sport. I have never bought a product before that came with such amazing support.

Julianne Soviero 


In a message dated 11/13/2014 6:32:36 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, H. Holloway       writes:

Excellent product!  gold-stars-for-testimonals.gif  I bought it for my sixteen year old daughter to use during pitching practice. It brings her arm speed up to pitching speed and causes her to keep a consistent speed during the entire session. We have just used it three times and have already noticed she is throwing every pitch faster than the last. And as far as batting practices, her launch to contact has gotten faster. It sounds like the bat is cracking on every ball she hits since her bat speed has increased. I highly recommend this product to softball players looking to increase their pitching arm speed and bat speed. Very pleased with my purchase! 


 gold-stars-for-testimonals.gif  Endorsed by Ken DeHart – Tennis director at Almaden Valley Athletic Club (AVAC) - California, Bay Area, San Jose.


Annie Rockwell

 gold-stars-for-testimonals.gif  I am the tennis professional @bally’s in las vegas, and hold the #1 tennis clinic in las vegas on my court every day 8-10am.  I love showing people new training aids, and ways of improving, and the AccraSpeed is one of the favorites that I am lucky to have on hand for daily clinic.  The unanimous decision is that it helps with the rhythm on the groundstrokes.  Give it a try.  Super training aid. 

Annie Rockwell

Tennis professional

Bally’s, Las Vegas


Virginia Adams

 I have really enjoyed using the AccraSpeed trainer in my tennis drill sessions with tennis pro Annie Rockwell in Las Vegas. Annie has had me use the trainer for warm up sessions for my back hand, forehand & serves as well as volleys. I set the AccraSpeed trainer on a lower number level adjustment until I get warmed up at a low velocity & then she has me change it to a higher number level adjustment that requires me to produce more energy with more velocity so I can consistently get the chirp to sound and I train with it set there for the rest of the session.  I have loved  using it as it has helped me to become more consistent with both my speed and follow through stroke.  I would highly recommend the AccraSpeed trainer for anyone interested in improving both their consistency and speed for tennis strokes.

 Virginia Adams

Las Vegas, NV


  gold-stars-for-testimonals.gif  My name is Tamara Norris and I have been a USPTA Pro since 2000. I have always been a firm believer in using training aids for every level of my students. I recently had an opportunity to try out the Accraspeed Sports Trainer with my students that were having swing speed issues.We found this device to be very helpful with the audible chirp to remind and reinforce the even flow of their swing. I recommend this for an intermediate to advanced student for a multitude of sports!

Santa Cruz, CA


 gold-stars-for-testimonals.gif  This product works great!  Teaches tempo and at the same time promotes greater controlled speed for pitching.

It is a training tool that is better then a radar gun and is a technique coach all in one.

Johnny "Fastball" Groover